Sea Sorceress

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About Me

Sirena / Pisces / Sea Witch

Ask & FAQ

A Sea witch is a practitioner of magic whose practice primarily focuses on the essence of the Ocean. Sea Magic may include, but is not limited to, casting spells using natural tools found at the beach (seashells, sand, driftwood, seaglass - etc), seashell and sand divination, sea scrying, honoring deities and entities that have ties with the Ocean, attuning oneself with the tides and lunar cycles - etc.. A Sea witch will naturally use their connected powers with the Ocean to cause change in their lives.
Yes. Sea magic is about connecting with the Ocean's energy which can be achieved in the comfort of your own home. Although there are others who will tell you different, practicing Sea magic while landlocked is defiantly possible. Even Coastal Sea witches practice magic away from the seashore when they have to. It's no different from that... Saying you have to practice Sea magic only at the seashore is like saying an Herb/Green witch has to always practice outside in Nature even though they can practice magic with indoor plants when need be.
Although I am very flattered and appreciate when people offer to send me things in the mail, until I open up my own P. O. Box address the answer will be no.
I am very sorry about that. There is a good chance I am not ignoring you and have every intention replying back. However, sometimes I am just not in a talkative mood and am also running on a very slow internet connection. If it's been over a month and I haven't replied back to your ask it most likely means tumblr ate your ask and I didn't get it; feel free to send it again.
I am very picky with who I follow and communicate with on here. Please understand that I am a very shy person who also likes to keep her dashboard simple. I usually follow back people with blogs similar to mine and like to actually talk to the people I follow. Nevertheless, don't be afraid to send me an ask. I may be shy but I am also friendly when approached.